Welcome back to another great year in SD62! On behalf of the Board of Education, I want to tell you how excited we are to continue supporting students and families. From offering members of the public (like you!) a chance to see the Board and SD62 in action at Board Meetings to connecting with government to advocate for learning spaces and supports, we are honoured to be supporting a growing school district like SD62.

 With our new 2018-2021 Strategic Plan as a guide, we’re working hard to help make our schools even better as we look ahead to our growing future. Students are the number one reason we are here and are the biggest inspiration for the work we continue to do across the school district.

 We invite you to attend a monthly Board Meeting or committee meeting, or simply contact any one of us – we would happy to chat. Visit www.sd62.bc.ca for our meeting schedule and contact information.

 We are both humbled and excited to be part of your child’s education and we look forward to reporting future progress of the school district to you.


 Ravi Parmar

SD62 Chairperson on behalf of:

 Wendy Hobbs

Bob Phillips

Neil Poirier

Denise Riley

Diana Seaton

Margot Swinburnson